Family Testimonials

At  Rainbow Child Care Centre we have many parents who have been kind enough to write thanking us for our services and great facilities we provide their children

We have been at Rainbow for the past two years and it really is the most amazing Kindy. I had heard great things about the centre but until I turned up and saw what a beautiful centre it really was, and how lovely and welcoming the staff were not to mention the cooking - very lucky to have an Italian grandma as the cook! My son has been so happy, he has made some amazing friends and will have incredible memories of the fun and caring Rainbow Kindy.
— Christie McIver
I can’t rave about Rainbow Childcare Centre enough. I have sent all my kids there and my third is currently attending. I have also referred friends and family who have also loved the centre as much as me. The staff are so kind, nurturing & hands on. They are very friendly and really make you and your child feel like they’re a part of the “Rainbow” family. My son has come so far since attending Rainbow. I highly recommend this kindy!
— Aline Jacobsen
Rainbow Child Care Centre is such a rare and happy educational centre for all children! Our family has had our kids at Rainbow for nearly 10 years. And every day, the caring and nurturing staff at Rainbow provide such exceptional care. Nancy and the teachers treat all the children as if they are there own and it shows in the smiles of the kids. They concentrate on school preparedness and learning at all levels. The kids are like sponges and every day they come home with new knowledge and improved social skills. There are so many things I love about Rainbow. Everything from their sincere kindness in how they talk to the children, and the busy calmness that produces in the kids. As well as the joy and wonder that radiates from all the teachers when they talk to the parents about the achievements of the kids at the end of every day. These are such precious qualities and as such Rainbow Child Care Centre is cherished and treasured by all the families who are lucky enough to have their kids at Rainbow.
— Helen E
Rainbow Child Care Centre has been an amazing experience, not only for my daughter over the past 2 years, but also for my family!!! We had so many friends recommended this centre to us we had to see for ourselves.... From the moment we walked through the doors at “Rainbow Kindy” we were meet with open arms. The warm, friendly and nurturing environment was perfect for our children. The staff are so committed to their roles, always encouraging and guiding the children to reach and fulfill their potentials ... The genuine interest and respect the staff have towards us as parents and also other siblings in the family shows true dedication the their jobs... The facilities are first class!!!! We are certainly looking forward to continuing this amazing journey together with Nancy and all of the staff this year and next when our no. 4 commences.
— Natalie Toogood
We love Rainbow Child Care! Both my sister and my sister in law’s children have been at the centre over the last 10 years! My son is currently at Rainbow and absolutely loves it! In fact, he told me he wants to go to Rainbow school everyday :-) The kids are treated like family, the meals are better than we can cook at home and it’s truly all about the kids. Nancy is really fantastic and really helped us with the logistics of having a few kids in different places :-) We really appreciate it and can’t wait until our youngest is old enough to attend. Thanks Nancy and team.
— Chris B
We have absolutely loved our time at Rainbow Child Care Centre. My eldest was originally at another centre when a place opened up for her at Rainbow- I didn’t notice what she was missing out on until she started there!! From the stability of staff and cleanliness of the centre to the great food and the happy faces of all the kids it made a very easy transition!! My daughter was made ready for school in such a short period of time I was very impressed with the attention given to her! We will be sad to finish up there at the end of this year with my youngest!
— Marissa F
Just got back from my son’s Graduation at Rainbow CCC tonight and we will miss Rainbow kindy very much. The last two years have been wonderful, the staff are so nurturing and loving and Nancy the director is lovely. It’s been such a donor to be part of the Rainbow family. Thank you so much for everything and for making everything so special for the children. We look forward to re-joining the Rainbow family in 2013 with our 2nd son and again in 2014 with our 3rd. This kindy is a “must” for any pre-schooler - you will be very happy
— Happy Parent
To Nancy and all the Staff at Raihbow,

Many thanks for the very special Grandparents Day you put on for us. The hard work (especially at Raihbow Cate) and the caring together with your bright smiles aha love of the children was there for us to see. it makes Rainbows a very happy place. We really appreciate the time with you.
— Best regards Margaret and Ron Boyce (Grandparents of Charlotte and Maddison)
To Whom it may concern,

I am a mother of three children. All of my children have had the wonderful benefit of Rainbow Childcare Centre in Narraweena. Nancy lvlaruca and the caring staff at this centre carry out their responsibilities in a caring and nurturing way where the identity and talents of each child is promoted and developed to their best potential. Each child is made to feel so valued and important. As a parent, I have always found the lines of communication between the staff at Rainbow and myself open at all times. The level of care and dedication displayed by Nancy and the staff is exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend Rainbow Childcare Centre to all parents of preschoolers. We are very lucky indeed to have such a great staff to take care of our precious children.
— Kind regards Sharon Fountain
To Dear Nancy and the wonderful ‘Rainbow Team’,

I have been very lucky to have my two girls at Rainbow Kindy over the past four years. My youngest Emily is now a very proud ‘Wombat’. Every morning when I walk in the front door I feel the happiness of the place. There is such a calming, genuine feel about ‘Rainbow’ and it always makes me feel at ease. You and your staff always greet me and my children with a friendly hello and a warm smile. Every child is well looked after with amazing meals. an individualised program and well structured routines. You and your staff go the extra mile in everything you do. You are always there for a chat and ready to give helpful feedback. My youngest daughter just has to give all her teachers a cuddle at the end of the day, which tells me just how happy she is. It is wonderful to know as I go about my clay that my daughter is so happy and well cared for.
— Sam Mlikkelsen
After nearly 8 years at the Rainbow Kindergarten and yet another 2 years to go, we have never thought of sending our children anywhere else. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the past 8 years our boys have packed their bags willingly and headed off to “Kindy”.

Kindergarten days for our children have been nothing short of perfect. Each one of our four boys are very different and every individual need has been taken into consideration during their time at “Kindy” Everyday both of us as parents and our children have been welcomed with open arms and familiar faces. We have had many of the same teachers for the 8 years we have been at the centre.

The facility itself is a wonderful buzz of forever changing toys and play activities. During the early settling days at Kindy, (the days when both children and parents maybe in tears) we have always been reassured and encouraged to call at any time after leaving the centre. The Staff are always willing to discuss any concerns and always encourage open communication.

Days are always full of fun and new challenges .The children’s day is structured yet also allows for spontaneous ideas to develop into great learning and playtime activities. Our boys have all developed great confidence in their two years at Kindy and have all headed off to school confidently with many thanks to their teachers and hours at Kindy.

Food too has always been a highlight at Kindy. Always much better than Mums, even the fussiest of eaters will “come around” to eating at the Rainbow Kindy.

I Know l will have tears in my eyes as our 5th child finishes her days at the Rainbow Kindy as l have enjoyed being a part of the Rainbow Kindy just as much as our children have.
— Regards Carolyn Cronin
Dear Nancy,

We think Rainbow Child Care Centre is an exceptional place. We can wholeheartedly recommend Rainbow Child Care Centre to anyone looking for the best possible preschool environment for their child.

Our eldest daughter previously attended Rainbow Child Care Centre and we credit the Rainbow programme with helping our daughter develop her confidence to make a smooth and happy transition to primary school. Our youngest daughter has been at Rainbow Kindy for over a year and will be there for another year before starting school. She loves being there and is always asking to go on her ‘days off‘ including weekends.

We have nothing but praise for all aspects of this centre. The staff are amazing — it is quite obvious that they genuinely care for the children there and as a result, the children develop a strong bond with them. The Rainbow team are so attentive to the children’s needs — emotional, physical and educational. The staff always make time, no matter how busy they are, to communicate with the parents. They keep us well informed about our chi|d’s day at Kindy and are keen to know about any concerns there may have been at home.

It is also a great environment for the children — clean, bright indoor area with lots of toys and creative activities to stimulate the children and a great shaded outdoor area with plenty of equipment for gross motor skills as well as a big sandpit and an area to do some gardening. Finally, Yolanda‘s meals are always a hit with the kids as well as being nutritious.

We would like to thank you for the fabulous care and kindness you and your staff have lavished upon our daughters.
— Sabine and Jason Pinner
Dear Nancy,

l just wanted to express my thanks for the wonderful work and support of your team at Rainbow Kindy. I have now had two of my children at your Centre for the past four years, attending 3 days per week. There are so many demands on your staff to not only provide the children emotional but educational support and your team never cease to amaze me now supportive, creative and caring they are to all the children.

The genuine affection and concern that you and your staff show to the children at the Centre truly makes it a second home to them and somewhere they feel loved and safe. It is rare to find a child care centre as dedicated as you and your team, to a parent looking in it appears as not only a business but a labour of love, one shared by all your staff. With the demands of two working parents, to have somewhere like Rainbow Kindy has made our live so much easier.

THANK YOU to you and your wonderful team!
— Regards Emma Aiello
Rainbow Child Care Centre Narraweena is a great centre. Good quality and long standing staff. Very happy after nearly two years there.
— Lynn