Our Philosophy

In regards to children:

At Rainbow, the children are actively involved in decision-making wherever possible, and are encouraged to involve their home life in the rainbow environment in educational and fun ways, enabling them to build a connection between home and Rainbow environments. 

We believe all children have a right to feel a sense of belonging and their individuality is upheld. We encourage children’s self-confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to build the best version of themselves while at Rainbow. 

In regards to families:

As educators, we uphold the understanding that parents and families are a child’s first teacher, and aim to support them in their role to our best ability.

We encourage all family members to be involved in the centre where possible, respecting and taking into account feedback, as well as through our school holiday program, and other special events throughout the year. We are respectful of all cultures, abilities and beliefs, and do our best to cater to all different needs, understanding that one size does not fit all when raising children. 

In regards to community and culture:

At Rainbow, we are lucky enough to have professional relationships with experts outside of the centre, and we utilise the knowledge and expertise to ensure we provide children and families with the best education possible. We provide a range of different incursions throughout the year, ensuring the children and families are provided with information in child-friendly ways. 

We also have strong connections with surround centres and schools, constantly working to keep and strengthen these professional relationships.

In regards to educators:

Educators at Rainbow are expected to create a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration, building positive and respectful relationships with one another, and modeling these to the children and families. Educators support and encourage one another, understanding that each educator brings different expertise, knowledge and ideas to the team. Staff are committed to providing the best possible environment for all stakeholders, taking on feedback, reflecting on practices, and attending professional development courses.

In regards to environment:

The environment at Rainbow aims to provide a welcoming, home-like feeling, with natural lighting and airflow where possible. We believe children should build a connection to nature, with the aim to ensure the next generation grow up with an understanding and respect for the environment and all life forms. 
Rainbow provides flexible spaces, including children’s input in the setup of the room and yard. 

In regards to learning and documentation:

At Rainbow, we understand and support the fact that early childhood is where foundations are laid for future learning and wellbeing. Each room provides an age-appropriate, child-centered weekly program, utilising the Early Years Learning framework as our guide, as well as encouraging parent input to the program. Although our curriculum is mostly play-based, Pre-numeracy and pre-literacy are intentionally taught through our preschool program. 

Documentation of children’s learning includes monthly individual anecdotal observations, photos, and work samples to be kept in individual portfolios for the end of the year. As educators, we are continuously reflecting on experiences, activities and teachings, providing informed decisions about future learning for each child.